The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

Validation is for Parking with Nicole Kalil

October 04, 2022 Jill Griffin Season 1 Episode 85
The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin
Validation is for Parking with Nicole Kalil
Show Notes

If you had more confidence, what decisions would you make? What risks would you take? What dreams would you chase? 

Nicole Kalil, Speaker, Confidence sherpa, and author is seeking to answer those questions in her book,  Validation is for Parking: How Women can Beat the Confidence Con 

Nicole’s passion for eliminating gender expectations and redefining “Woman’s Work” keeps her up at night and gets her up in the morning. She’s a speaker, leadership strategist, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” Podcast. 

In this episode, Nicole defines what confidence is and isn't. We also discuss:

The moment she realized she needed to build her confidence

  • The impact of living inauthentically
  • Why our confidence takes a hit, and how to protect ourselves
  • The five steps  to building confidence 
  • How to build a confidence Recovery Plan

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Show notes: 

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