The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

What Recruiters Are Looking For in Today's Marketplace

February 28, 2023 Jill Griffin Season 4 Episode 106
The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin
What Recruiters Are Looking For in Today's Marketplace
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Show Notes

Recruiters are often the gatekeepers to the hidden job market; they have a lot of industry expertise and can guide you as you search for your next career opportunity. 

In this episode, I speak with top industry recruiter Susan Gygax and we talk about the following: 

  • Why she made the switch from HR to recruiting
  • The best way to work with recruiters
  • How to be market ready
  • How executive coaches and recruiters partner to create successful candidates
  • Why an outcomes-based conversation is THE formula for success 
  • What she'd like to see differently in the recruiting industry. 

Show Guest
Susan Gygax has been recruiting leader in the recruitment space for over 25 years, recruiting and building large, dispersed talent acquisition teams at fast-paced entrepreneurial and multi-billion dollar companies.

She is the Founder of Spectacle Talent Partners specialty recruiting firm that provides tailored, full-service recruiting. 

Susan has held a professional human resources certification for over 15 years, and she's made a reputation for herself by quickly moving within multiple industries and rapidly understanding an organization's distinctive characteristics that allow CEOs to use speed and momentum to make a great hire with ease.  You can find her on LinkedIn and her Website.

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