The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

2023 Career and Workplace Trends (so far...)

March 28, 2023 Jill Griffin Season 4 Episode 110
The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin
2023 Career and Workplace Trends (so far...)
The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin +
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Show Notes

This week I am joined by my friend and fellow Career Strategist, Lee Koles, Ph.D as we discuss the Career Trends of 2023…so far.  In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to think about the latest buzz of the 60-year career 
  • What to negotiate in this current job market
  • The continued challenges of remote work
  • Employee engagement is at an all-time low, and how leaders can re-engage workers
  • The shift beyond SKILLS in what companies are looking for now
  • The impact of AI on hiring and why your opinion is vital to its future use in the recruitment process 

Show Guest: 

Lee Koles is an industrial/organizational psychologist, career strategist, and certified CliftonStrengths coach. Lee helps job seekers leverage their strengths to land flexible, meaningful work they love. Follow her on LinkedIn

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