The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

People Pleasing and the Misuse of Your Strengths

November 16, 2021 Jill Griffin Season 1 Episode 39
The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin
People Pleasing and the Misuse of Your Strengths
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Show Notes

It’s human nature to want to please and be of service to others and it can be helpful for your career advancement and make you a star employee. But people-pleasing is when you have an unhealthy need to put others' needs before your own--the result is manipulation and a lot of stress. In this episode we’ll discuss:  

  • Where people pleasing comes from
  • Why people pleasing is compulsive, manipulative and stressful
  • The two styles of people pleasing
  • How to spot your own people pleasing
  • How the misuse of your strengths can lead to people pleasing
  • Get clear on the negative impact people pleasing does to your career
  • Tips on how to stop people pleasing 

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